Hospitality Parking has a vast experience in the management of private parking lots and garage.  Our hospitable staff is a perfect compliment to any private business owning a garage or lot who is looking to capitalize on their parking inventory during off-hours.  Our back-of-house organization through are the perfect match for you!

Our friendly and hospitable staff is a warm welcome to any visitor visiting and utilizing your parking facilities.  As a property manager or owner you will find our organization and follow-through to be just as welcomed.



ABC Bank Downtown
Gables Park Plaza
Gables Park Tower
200 West Cesar Chavez
400 West Cesar Chavez
3rd & Congress Lot
Southwest Tower Lot
Pecan Street Lot
Energy Lot
Castillian Lot
Jack Lot
5th and Red River Lot
Cypress Lot
7th and San Marcos Lot
Buck Lot – San Marcos, TX
Ferris Lot

First Presbyterian Church Parking Lot
St. Mark’s Church Parking Lot
St. Anthony Hotel Surface Lot
Radius Parking Lot